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Bulk SMS is a single SMS sent to many recipients who all receive the same message. Express SMS has a Powerful Bulk SMS Service, Send as many SMSes at once, Delivered within 5 minutes. Bulk SMS Sender ID enables you to brand SMSes going out with your company name to any mobile phone subscriber in Kenya.

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Personalized Bulk SMS

With Personalized Bulk SMS, a single SMS Template with variable
fields is used to generate unique Bulk SMS messages. Variable fields are populated from row values of corresponding column
name of a CSV File. As many unique SMSes as Row Values are Generated and Sent to the corresponding
Phone Numbers indicated in the Phone Number column of the CSV file

    C an be used in personalized areas such as:

  • Content Advertising
  • Product Advertising
  • Alerts: News, Weather
  • In House Reminders: Meetings, Appointments
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